Within Gulf & Atlantic is an in-house intermodal company, Allegro Maritime Services Corporation (Allegro). This company was established to Consolidate a number of Gulf & Atlantic's clients' intermodal business in North America and provide the economic benefits of bulk buying of domestic surface transportation. Allegro has, therefore, become an in-house consolidator, providing inland transportation to customers at competitive rates, with it's own contracts based on the aggregate volumes of all Principals. The Allegro advantage enables smaller lines to benefit from inland transportation rates generally only available to larger lines. This economy permits smaller companies to retain competitive pricing otherwise unavailable.

As a Gulf & Atlantic company, Allegro has the advantage of having the same interest in the efficient and economic movement of cargo, thus providing an optimum service. Further, Allegro has the ability to tailor any special transportation need: off-pier facility, Consolidation or transloading.

Allegro has developed its own P.C. applications, designed to the specific needs of each Principal. It has the ability to provide a paper-free flow of all intermodal costs pertaining to each vessel with a single invoice, broken down by Container, bill of lading number and origin/destination. This avoids the detailed reconciliation by a client of disbursement account invoices associated with inland transportation costs. These costs are detailed in a clear, accurate and concise manner in a computerized report within two weeks of the vessel's arrival/ departure, thus providing early and precise costs for voyage forecasting and budget analysis.

Allegro is directly "on line" with several large rail Companies and therefore has direct tracing and billing ability. A close working relationship exists with several warehouse and consolidation facilities throughout the network.

Tracking and control functions are supplemented by line management, Allegro, and port offices, monitored through the Gulf & Atlantic system which ensures that cargo movement information is available to all parties.

All Allegro personnel are well-experienced, competent and responsive to customers' needs. They communicate with their colleagues in port offices to ensure smooth operational procedures throughout the company's network.

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