At the core of the Gulf & Atlantic state-of-the-art computer system is an IBM AS400 host computer in our Corporate headquarters in Iselin, New Jersey. All Gulf & Atlantic offices and clients are integrated into our sophisticated on-line network using the latest communications technology.

Featuring full expandability, this flexible system provides for customized programming to meet the unique requirements of each of our Principals. The system has E-mail capabilities with all offices and Principals.

All Gulf & Atlantic offices and existing Principals are linked to the AS400 via Wiltel communication lines. Each office is equipped with 19.2 SDLC Line, Modem and 5394 Controller which provides real time information from the Corporate Headquarters in New Jersey.

By integrating all necessary functions: sales and marketing, booking, inbound and outbound documentation, equipment control; accounting and billing, paperwork is reduced dramatically while speeding production and distribution of critical documention and management reports.

The built-in technology offered by this system is coupled with our agency's in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry and the special needs of our Principals. This powerful Combination of knowledge and capability allows us to give our clients detailed data specifically tailored to the needs of shipping industry management. Our sales and marketing reports allow close tracking of important details. And our overseas transmission of manifests and on-line interface with U.S. Customs offer faster processing and virtually eliminate unnecessary delays.

In many cases, our Principals have immediate on-line access to data giving them up-to-the-minute status reports in all areas. By networking on a global scale, each Principals' presence in the United States is a virtual reality.

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